4 skills to elevate how you mentor your team to create depth and duplication.

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Do you feel stuck when it comes to leading your team?

  • $Are you frustrated with talking people off the ledge or dragging teammates along?
  • $Are you questioning your onboarding system wondering why it feels so hard to mentor your teammates to succeed?
  • $Maybe you watch other people crush it with their teams and wonder what you’re doing wrong?

If you’re feeling disconnected from your team and you’re doubting your leadership, adding another push group or team training is not the answer.

Whether you want to build belief in your leadership ability or to mentor your team to create depth and duplication, this is for you.

I have observed 4 disciplines that successful network marketing leaders practice consistently

In my 14 years working for Dr. John C Maxwell with some of the top leaders in the world, along with coaching hundreds of top earners in network marketing, I have observed 4 disciplines that the most successful leaders practice consistently.

The great news is that these 4 disciplines are all skill-based. Meaning regardless of your personality type or hard wiring, these are all skills that can be developed over time. This is such great news because it means you don’t have to have a certain personality or strength mix in order to excel as a leader in your organization.

Leadership isn’t an exclusive club reserved for those who are born with it. It isn’t something you have or you don’t have. It’s a skill that can be learned. Ultimately, leadership is developed, not discovered.

In this masterclass, I will teach you the exact 4 skills to build confidence in your leadership ability and mentor your team to succeed.

I’m going to teach you exactly how to lead your team with the 4 skills.


Biggest takeaways…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • $The 4 disciplines you MUST practice to level up your leadership
  • $Self-Leadership model rooted in High Performance Psychology
  • $Feel confident and self-assured with your leadership ability
  • $How to build relationships & deepen trust with your teammates
  • $How to increase success rates & retention on your team
  • $The top techniques for Mentoring & People development
  • $Exactly how to lead with the 3-step Mentoring process
  • $And so much more.

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    The 4 Disciplines of Successful Network Marketing Leaders

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