A luxurious coaching experience to scale your network marketing business to Multi-6 or 7 figures while creating the freedom you signed up for.

hey social seller…

To the ambitious woman dreaming of scaling your business WITH more time freedom, more income, more joy, and more impact out in the world, you belong here:

I see you.

You’ve created success in your business, but you don’t want to repeat the same cycle of overworking and exhaustion to get to the next level.

You know you need to create solid systems to be more effective, but you don’t feel confident when it comes to system development for business operations like funnels, automation, hiring and delegation.

Your recruiting is hit or miss, and when you do recruit, it’s not your ideal teammate who’s ready to build the business.

You lack belief in your ability to lead your team to succeed, and sometimes question if you really have what it takes.

You’re tired of putting out fires, dragging people along, and feeling like it’s all on you.

At the end of the day, you go to bed feeling disconnected from the purpose and joy you once had for your business.

I get you, because I have been in your shoes.

Like so many in our industry, I thought the key to success was working longer and harder. That the only way to grow was to constantly do more and more. In reality, this is a recipe for burn-out.

It turns out – There’s another way. On the other side of scaling multiple businesses to over $1M in revenue, I’ve discovered it’s possible to create a business AND a life you love- without the pressure or exhaustion.

This takes a willingness to shift your beliefs about yourself to a new possibility. It takes building self-trust and self-confidence in a way you never have before – while building skills in key areas like leadership, systems, time management, and hiring & delegating.

This is the work we do in The Balance and Scale Mastermind. If this is what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

Rachael Mastermind

Just Like These Clients:

Success Stories
-Jess D

Jess increased her income by $101k and hit Top 10 in her company two times!

Since working with Rachael, my income has grown at least by six-figures every single year. And, more importantly, when we first started working together, I had lost most of my team. I was coming to her feeling like, “I am hustling 24/7 and I am never seeing my kids. I am always working. And I didn’t have the team I wanted.” Since working with Rachael, I have hit Top 10 in my company two times, and I am in the top 10 again this year. Which is really exciting, but the best part is I have done it with a team I love. I have actually attracted people that I want to be best friends with.

-Cassie W.

In her first 30 days, Cassie doubled the number of leaders in her organization and ended her first round having 6X her investment.

The mastermind experience has been very high level on all aspects. It’s truly an elevated room that is hard to find at a certain leadership level in this industry. In my first 30 days of my first round, I doubled the amount of leaders within my organization by implementing a leadership development pipeline. I’ve hit new ranks and grown my income year over year every month since. The best result, though, has been the peace of mind and confidence I feel about my ability to continue growing my business over time. Each round I’ve learned and implemented new things that Rachael teaches and have seen the payoff in different areas. I know I can keep doing this over and over in my business and there is no fear of becoming stuck or stagnant.

-Monica L.

Monica 3x her investment

When I think of the results that I have achieved in my work with Rachael, the first thing that comes to mind is clarity on mentoring my coaches again. And, getting very systematic and purposeful in that. Before, I had great intentions, but I didn’t have a solid plan and I feel like that was one of the key things that came to play.

See what everyone is saying…

Mastermind Testimonials
-Meg K.
-Jess D.
-Heather J.
-Erin Y.
-Carolyn M.
-Monica L.
What you’ll learn

In The Balance and Scale Mastermind…

In The Balance and Scale Mastermind, you’ll learn the mindset and strategy to grow your business in a sustainable, balanced way.

This is NOT your average business mastermind. It equips you to step into your role as a leader of your team and CEO of your business.

The 5 Steps of The Balance and Scale Process:


Mindset to Scale:

In order to scale like a 6&7 Figure social seller, you’ll need to think like one. In the Mastermind, you’ll be guided to develop a crystal clear vision for your business, and learn a proven self-leadership process rooted in neuroscience to build the belief and strategy to create it. From emotional processing to the implementation cycle- you’ll learn best practices, but since scaling isn’t a one-size-fits off, you’ll receive personalized mentorship on strategy for long term sustainability.



This is your key to standout on social media. It’s why people choose to work with you over others offering the same service. You’ll learn how to position yourself by identifying your authentic brand, articulating what makes you different, and communicating that to the world with on brand messaging. With my signature process, you will create compelling content to attract your ideal people to you.



Imagine recruiting with ease after a fun, empowered conversation with your new teammate. In the Mastermind, you’ll learn exactly how to create a sustainable recruiting pipeline to preserve your energy for your best people. You’ll create a predictable process to enroll dream teammates.


Results leadership

To create downline depth, you’ll be equipped to motivate and lead your team regardless of the business climate for the rest of your company. From casting vision, to strategic retreat planning, to implementing team-wide marketing plans, you will learn tactical strategies to lead your organization. You’ll design a Leadership Development plan to onboard in a way that increases success and retention, and develops leaders strategically and consistently.


Systems to Scale

Scaling your business without burnout requires systems, boundaries and a solid understanding of business operations. You will learn it all here – how to manage your time, your energy and your team. This will include strategy on funnels, automation, business opportunity calls, product launch guides, and hiring and delegation. Imagine feeling the ease to totally unplug when you go on vacation because your team has it covered. This is what systems to scale will create for you.

About Rachael

Meet Your Mentor

Even with 14 years of leadership development consulting under my belt, there was a season in my business where it started to feel forced and exhausting.

I was glued to my phone and constantly stressed about my team. Time freedom seemed like a distant fantasy.

I had a breakthrough moment where I committed to do it differently. Fast forward to today, and I have never earned more or had more time freedom doing work that lights me up.

This is possible for you too.

I know you’ve worked hard to create this level of success in your business, but what got you here won’t get you to the next level.

You may be questioning if you even want to scale if it means hustling yourself into the ground again, and being plugged in 24/7.

You want to go on vacation without feeling guilty about taking time off. That was one of the reasons you signed up for this…. Freedom.

You find yourself managing team drama, putting out fires, planning events, and generally just caught up in the day to day of running your business.

You want that quality time with family and to feel purpose and joy again.

More than anything you want to enjoy the life and the business you’re worked so hard for.

As a top leader in your company, you weren’t expecting to feel this way.

It can feel lonely and exhausting.

But, It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

In The Balance and Scale Mastermind, I will teach you a different way.

You’ll learn how to step into the role of a CEO and work ON your business instead of constantly being so bogged down working IN your business.

You’ll create a long-term scale plan, and a dialed-in strategy to reach your goals. You’ll develop an understanding of where to invest your energy in your business, and leverage your resources to have the highest return on time invested.

You will develop the skills of a highly effective leader and high performance coach.

You will learn how to lead your organization in a powerful, sustainable way.

Your vision plus my mentorship will create a multiple 6 or seven figure business, AND a life you love.

This is what’s possible for you.

Client Success

Here are some of my client’s results:

“Since working with Rachael I have had massive results in the type of leadership that I am bringing to my team, specifically creating mentorship systems for my new teammates coming into the business and my existing leaders that have been with me over the years.”


“My relationship with my business has changed drastically. Before I started working with Rachael I was very hustley, burned out, and really not enjoying what I was doing. Now I feel calm, I feel joy, and I feel excited about my business again.”


I have learned that I am in control of my results, and I am equipped to take ownership of leading. In network marketing it is so easy to blame our team, like “They don’t want to work”, “They don’t want to show us”, and feel like your team is responsible for your success, but it all starts up with you and your leadership. I feel connected to my team and equipped to lead them.”


“I have gotten to know myself better, managing my own fears and the thoughts not serving me, and it has created a major shift in my business results. The mastermind has me feeling more comfortable doing the uncomfortable things.”


“Through the mastermind I have been able to learn to look within myself for the answers instead of constantly outside of myself. I have also learned to lean in to my own genius, and I have been given the tools to self evaluate what’s work and what to improve to continue to grow. “


Here is a look at what’s included inside The Balance and Scale Mastermind Experience:


We will kick-off our time with a luxurious, in-person event to lay the foundation for everything you need to begin creating more impact and income in your business. During our time, we will workshop, strategize, coach, evaluate and build authentic community. The live event is considered to be a highlight of the experience and we recommend attending live. There will be a virtual option available as well. Travel expenses are in addition to the mastermind investment.

6 Months of Weekly Masterminding

After our three day immersion, we will Mastermind weekly for six entire months. This will include weekly zoom calls that are a mix of open coaching on mastering the scale process and implementing your plan, along with teaching. This is your opportunity to be coached personally and create breakthroughs as your peers are coached.

Instant Access to Private Member Portal with classrooms, modules, and playbooks on Recruiting, Hiring, Mentoring and more.

Plus exclusive access to recorded coaching calls. This will provide the opportunity to begin creating results the moment you are accepted into the Mastermind. Additionally, access to the recorded coaching calls will be available on demand to review and deep dive into each call.

Private Community of Top Leaders in the Industry.

In between our coaching calls, we will be connected in our private Facebook community. One of the greatest perks of the experience will be the relationships you develop with your mastermind sisters. Learning from leaders across the industry will propel you to the next level. You’ll be able to ask questions, get coaching, and support your mastermind sisters in real time.

Courses & Resources

Specialized Courses & Resources on Copy-writing, Hiring, Product Launch plans, and more.

Guest Experts.

Learn from leading business and life coaches in the industry to elevate your leadership and experience.

Personalized guidance and mentorship.

Want feedback on your marketing plan? Want help on your leadership development process? Have Rachael’s brain, eyes and heart on your business.

Alumni program.

Alumni status and rewards begin after your first round.

Apply Now


This is an application-only Mastermind. Applications for the May Mastermind will open in 2023. Join the waitlist to be notified when applications open again.

The investment is $15,000 paid in full or six payments of $2,800.

Upgrade Your Experience

Pay for 12 months of the Mastermind in advance in the amount of $30,000, and receive 3 Private 1:1 coaching calls with me to use throughout the year.

Join Waitlist

Registration for the next Mastermind is closed. Join the waitlist if you are interested in the mastermind that includes the Three Day Immersion event, Private Community, Personalized Mentorship, Portal Access to Training, Resources, and Replays, and Six months of Masterminding

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You will be notified when applications open.

You Might Be Asking Yourself…

Is this for me?

This Program Is For You If…

  • NYou’re a Social Seller with 3-10+ years experience in the industry who wants to scale to Multi 6 or 7 Figures in your business
  • NYou are resourceful, ambitious, and hungry for growth. You believe you could figure it out on your own, but want to shorten the timeline to achieve your goals.
  • NYou are known as a go-getter and are committed to taking action to scale your business.
  • NYou’ve created success in your business, but whether you are at $5k per month or $25k per month, your goal is to increase your income, impact, and leadership while creating more time freedom.
  • NYou’re looking for a mentor with proven expertise in Leadership, Business Scaling AND Social Selling.
  • NYou want to be surrounded and supported by the best in our industry, and develop connections and friendships with those who are like you.
  • NYou want a combination of mindset expansion and business strategy- not just one or the other.
  • NYou believe that there is no better investment than investing in yourself because it always brings big returns.

This Program Is NOT For You If:

  • MYou feel scarcity around investing in your personal and business growth because you are worried it will create rushed energy for you. (Only apply if you are committed to the process of growth and scaling. This is not a quick fix.)
  • MYou aren’t willing to be vulnerable and transparent to get the help you need. (You can’t create change if you aren’t honest about what you need help with.)
  • MYou need somebody to hold your hand through the entire process.
  • MYou want a quick fix and somebody to just tell you the answers so you can check out and go drink margaritas on the beach.
  • MYou’re not ready to put effort into developing your leadership skills and mindset.
  • MYou expect to scale your business just by joining and don’t have a strong desire to take action.
Rachael Mastermind (2)

Imagine This…

Feeling totally confident because you know how to create compelling content to recruit your ideal teammates.

Feeling equipped with exactly how to mentor your team at every level to lead them effectively regardless of current conditions or circumstances.

Having the peace of owning a business that has solid systems, automations, and workflows, so you can enjoy the true freedom you signed up for.

Are you ready to see what’s possible for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions people ask about The Balance and Scale Mastermind:

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A: Yes- we are happy to share that we do offer a payment plan option as an alternative to the paid in full option of $10,000. The investment can be paid in 3 payments of $3,700 to be completed before our live event in November.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A: Yes- we are happy to share that we do offer a payment plan option as an alternative to the paid in full option of $10,000. The investment can be paid in 3 payments of $3,700 to be completed before our live event in November.

Q: Who is this the best fit for?

A: This is not an entry level program for network marketers. It is a coaching experience created for industry veterans who already have a solid foundation of success with a desire to scale to Multiple 6 or 7 Figures. We are also looking for women aligned with our mission of elevating the industry. The woman who will thrive in The Balance and Scale Mastermind is a social seller who is positive, ambitious, and inclusive.

Q: What are the details for the live event?

A: The live event will take place May 18-20th, the live event location will be announced in 2023. Join the waitlist to be the first to find out where we are hosting the May event.

Q: What if I have a conflict during the Live Event?

A: The live event will be offered in a live stream, interactive format for those unable to travel, with access to the recorded replay available to all attendees for the during of the Mastermind.

Q: Will I get personalized coaching and Mentoring?

Yes! You will have face to face time with me at our live event, direct access to me daily in our Facebook community to get regular coaching on demand, and an opportunity for coaching on your specific business needs every single week.

Q: Do I get access to all the classrooms and modules at once?

Yes! Once your mastermind application is accepted and you have paid in full or you first payment, you’ll have access to the Private portal so you can start creating results right away. This will give you more than 60 days ADDITIONAL ACCESS, above and beyond the 6 month mastermind to begin learning and applying to your business. You will love being able to dive in right away.