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Success Stories
-Jess D

Jess increased her income by $101k and hit Top 10 in her company two times!

Since working with Rachael, my income has grown at least by six-figures every single year. And, more importantly, when we first started working together, I had lost most of my team. I was coming to her feeling like, “I am hustling 24/7 and I am never seeing my kids. I am always working. And I didn’t have the team I wanted.” Since working with Rachael, I have hit Top 10 in my company two times, and I am in the top 10 again this year. Which is really exciting, but the best part is I have done it with a team I love. I have actually attracted people that I want to be best friends with.

-Cassie W.

In her first 30 days, Cassie doubled the number of leaders in her organization and ended her first round having 6X her investment.

The mastermind experience has been very high level on all aspects. It’s truly an elevated room that is hard to find at a certain leadership level in this industry. In my first 30 days of my first round, I doubled the amount of leaders within my organization by implementing a leadership development pipeline. I’ve hit new ranks and grown my income year over year every month since. The best result, though, has been the peace of mind and confidence I feel about my ability to continue growing my business over time. Each round I’ve learned and implemented new things that Rachael teaches and have seen the payoff in different areas. I know I can keep doing this over and over in my business and there is no fear of becoming stuck or stagnant.

-Monica L.

Monica 3x her investment

When I think of the results that I have achieved in my work with Rachael, the first thing that comes to mind is clarity on mentoring my coaches again. And, getting very systematic and purposeful in that. Before, I had great intentions, but I didn’t have a solid plan and I feel like that was one of the key things that came to play.